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  • MSC Launches Waste Paper Project with VIPA

  • Two Swiss companies – MSC and VIPA, the largest independent waste paper trader, have implemented a joint project aimed at shipping waste paper from Russia to Europe.

    In July 2017, the first dedicated container train with waste paper produced in the Moscow region departed from Moscow to St. Petersburg port for further sea delivery to process raw materials at one of the largest mills in the Mediterranean.

    In the framework of continued cooperation between the two companies, a meeting was held at the end of 2017 in Geneva between top managers of MSC Russia, MSC Geneva and VIPA. The parties agreed on new projects involving transportation from Europe, and also drafted a plan to launch several container trains from Russia via St. Petersburg and Novorossiysk ports.

    According to MSC Russia, “Environmental care is one of the values of MSC, therefore working with an organization that processes about 1.5 million tons of waste paper annually and makes an invaluable contribution to the conservation of trees on our planet is an important step in its development. The project exclusiveness is not only in the a certain type of transported cargo volumes, but also in the performers organizational work laboriousness”.

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