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  • Draft Bill on Ship-to-Ship Cargo Transfer

  • The RF Transport Ministry has developed a draft Bill on changes into the Merchant Shipping Code of the Russian Federation and other legal acts of the Russian Federation in respect of regulating ship-to-ship cargo transfer outside sea ports.

    The document introduces a definition of ship-to-ship cargo transfer and drafts rules for roadstead cargo operations.

    Thus, ship-to-ship cargo transfer regulations should define:

    • areas allowed for roadstead operations,
    • hydrometeorological conditions permitting such operations such as wind force, wave height, choppiness, visibility, etc.,
    • list of cargoes allowed for ship-to-ship transfer,
    • handling method requirements,
    • rescue equipment requirements,
    • coordination between the harbor master and the border control service and the customs service.

    Each of the vessels to be engaged in cargo transfer operations is to inform the harbor master at least 24 hours prior to start of the operations. The notice should contain the following information:

    • name of the vessel, flag, IMO number, ship owner, ETA,
    • planned date, time and location of STS operations,
    • cargo type and planned volume to be transferred,
    • cargo class and planned volume to be transferred in case of hazardous cargo,
    • planned operations duration,roadstead
    • confirmation of LARN equipment on board (in case of oil and products transfer).

    The harbor master can forbid ship-to-ship cargo operations no later than 6 hours prior to the planned start time in case some of the conditions are not met.

    On completing cargo operations, each of the vessels is to inform the harbor master.

    The new rules are to enter into force 12 months after the Bill is signed and will not be applicable to fishing vessels.

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