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  • Emerging markets set to reshape Middle East container trade and supply chain dynamics

  • 2nd TOC CSC ME event to assess how new trade with China, India, Africa and growth of petrochemical exports will change the game for Middle East container supply chains

    Mohammed Esa, CEO Dubai and Senior Vice President UAE, Oman & Bahrain for global logistics major Agility is among the senior industry executives newly confirmed to speak at the TOC Container Supply Chain Middle East conference, taking place in Dubai on 1-3 October.

    Held under the Patronage of His Excellency Dr. Rashid Ahmed Bin Fahad, UAE Minister of Environment and Water, and with DP World as host sponsor, the 2nd TOC CSC Middle East brings together cargo owners, logistics providers, ocean carriers, port and terminal operators and other container supply chain stakeholders to examine the key issues and challenges in this fast growing region.

    Esa will participate in the Opening Plenary session, analysing the Middle East’s growing trade with Asia and what it means for regional shippers and logistics companies. Asia-Middle East trade looks set to overtake the historically important transatlantic trade in the next few years, and is by no means the only one recording highly positive results. The plenary session will outline the scale of container cargo development and flows across the Middle East Gulf over the coming years.

    Esa will be joined by Michel Deleuran, Executive Vice President — Maritime for MILAHA, formerly Qatar Navigation, who will explore business opportunities for ports and maritime logistics across the Middle East, and by Chander Kaul, North India Head at NYK Line, who assesses Middle East-India trade dynamics and their effect on container supply chains. Completing the line-up, Shailesh Garg, Director, Drewry Shipping Consultants, will analyse global and regional factors driving investments in port capacity and logistics infrastructure.

    Within the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) countries, massive investments are being undertaken across all sectors from telecoms to health care as nations diversify their formerly oil-dependent economies. Oil itself, of course, still plays a hugely important role — except today the focus is on multi-billion dollar petrochemical refining projects as sophisticated process industries migrate from their previous hubs in Western Europe.

    Burgeoning exports from GCC countries have been underpinned by the increased containerisation of petrochemical cargo. A suggested 50% rise in exports by 2015 could mean an additional 2 million TEU volume growth. And it’s not just petrochemicals – new forms of aluminium products are also playing their part to drive container exports.

    “TOC CSC Middle East 2012 takes place at a highly significant time for the economies of the Middle East and neighbouring regions,” said Neil Madden, Conference Editor for TOC Worldwide. “Although partially affected by the downturn in Western Europe and North America, the Middle East’s and Africa’s growing integration with global trading patterns means that both regions have benefited from the still robust economic performance of other emerging markets — from China, through India and Turkey, to South America.

    “This all implies significant shifts in the direction and nature of trade with the rest of the world, as business with OECD countries is rapidly supplanted by emerging markets. India and China in particular are presenting the GCC with substantial opportunities, driving the region’s ports to expand capacity both for their own trade needs and also to develop as regional supply chain hubs.”

    Day 2 of TOC CSC Middle East drills down into shipper supply chains to view how this economic transformation plays out in day-to-day logistics processes. Suresh Krishnan, Supply Chain Leader, DOW Chemical IMEA, joins a panel of expert speakers including Bander Boitey, Manager, Logistics & Transportation for Saudi Arabian Mining Company (Ma’aden), to discuss the major transport issues affecting logistics operations.

    “This year’s conference will also address prospects presented by Africa’s reinsertion into the global trade arena,” added Madden. “Fuelled by BRICs demand for Africa’s vast mineral resources, major investments are taking place across the continent to provide modern maritime connections with entire global economy.” Africa focus panels at TOC CSC Middle East include a debate on the changing logistics dynamics of Suez and North Africa, with new speakers including Mahmoud Ahmed Rezk, Vice Director, Suez Canal Authority, Klaus Holm Laursen, Managing Director, Suez Canal Container Terminal, and Gianluca Di Matteo, Crosstrade Manager, Tarros Lines.

    TOC Container Supply Chain Middle East runs 1-3 October at the Dubai World Trade Centre. The event includes 2-day high-level container supply chain conference, free-to-attend port operations and technology seminars, exhibition of port and terminal services, equipment and technology, and industry networking receptions.

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